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  Jaavan Patio Sectionals Feature an array of Outdoor Designer sets that will bring your outdoor designer project to life. Choose from our Luxurious Venice Sectionals to add a touch of romance to your patio or outdoor commercial space or choose the elegant Nassau Sectional for a more luxurious experience. Whatever your decorating our outdoor furnishing needs are Jaavan Sectionals have it all. Jaavan  Sofa sets for outdoor patio decorations and furnishing come in Weather  Resistant outdoor High Density Fiber or high commercial grade aluminium.  Unlike Traditional iron or wood based Furnishing, Jaavan patio Furnishing will last for many years without having to replace them. They are ideal for hotel poolside furnishing and patio hospitality projects because they will stand the test of time.
Jaavan Dining tables include Restaurant dinners as well as outdoor bar furniture. These dining and bar tables come with their matching chairs or stools  that will make any restaurant , hotel , condominium or outdoor space stand out. Designer projects with this patio furnishing will bring out the best of any outdoor commercial space or private patio or yard space. Ideal for outdoor restaurants thanks to high commercial grade wicker furniture.
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Take in the sun with luxury and comfort with these luxurious daybeds designed to match the landscape of any outdoor designer project or hospitality space. Ideal for poolside as their high durability polymer will resist the harsh punishment of poolside splashes for many years. These Daybeds are spacious and blend in with the surrounding making the ideal for luxury hotels and outdoor patio spaces.
Poolside Sunlounges for hotel and hospitality commercial spaces as well as private patio spaces. These Sunloungers are water resistant  and blend in easily with the surrounding, bringing out the natural beauty of any landscaping outdoor designer project. They are the ideal finishing detail to any outdoor patio Furniture design project for both large commercial areas and outdoor patio spaces.
Jaavan patio Gazebos  and umbrellas add a touch of luxury to any outdoor space. Enjoy a day out in the sun under the comfort of our highly durable Gazebos. They provide Shade, and are designed to blend into any patio design making them the perfect addition to any outdoor commercial space  or Condominium remodeling project. The Gazebos are Water Resistant and come in high commercial grade aluminium.
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